• Cornerstone Program

    This program is a multi-school district program located at the Wright Technical Center in Buffalo and managed by MAWSECO.  It serves adolescents, grades 7-12 with EBD needs that cannot be met within their home school district.  Students are recommended for this program by their IEP/IIIP team with approval of the district administration.  Students are bussed by their local school district and attend school from 8:00 to 2:30 daily.  The reintegration into mainstream settings is recommended by the student's IEP/IIIP team.  Those settings may include home school district, work site, Wright Technical Center or a combination of options as appropriate for the student.  Referrals are completed and submitted to the district special education coordinator.  Students are staffed through a Cornerstones Referral Team.

    Cornerstones is now a therapeutic setting four program.  We have partnered with the Nystrom and Associates to provide student with mental health services and social skills training to our students.   Referrals to Cornerstones must also complete the Nystrom and Associates intake packet and provide a copy of the students insurance card, both front and back.  The students parent or guardian should complete the Village Ranch intake packet. 

    Students coming to Cornerstones will first be assessed by the Nystrom and Associates staff to determine the level of services needed by the students.  The Nystrom and Associates staff will develop a treatment plan for the students.  Once the treatment plan is ready the school will hold an intake meeting to start the student with the Cornerstones school and the services provided by the Nystrom and Associates.

    Nystrom and Associates services will take place during the school day, but will not be part of school programming.