• Governing Board

    MAWSECO, school district #0938, was formed as a Joint Powers Cooperative in 1975 with the seven current school districts as charter members. The Cooperative Joint Powers Governing Board is composed of one member from each of the seven district boards. The Governing Board is empowered generally to act in the interest of the member districts and to provide for a thorough and continuing system of reporting to, and communication with, the Board of Education for each member district. Superintendents serve in an advisory capacity to the MAWSECO Executive Director and meet monthly as an Executive Advisory Committee. The following are the current board members from the member districts that govern the Cooperative.

    • Cindy Miller - Dassel-Cokato District #0466
    • Colleen Carlson - Maple Lake District #0881
    • Kelsey Puncochar, Treasurer - Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted District #2687
    • Gena Jacobson - Annandale District #0876
    • Jessica Johnson, Vice Chair - Rockford District #0883
    • Julie Rae Pennertz, Clerk -  Litchfield District #465
    • Amy Johnson, Chair -  Delano District #0879

    Superintendents of member districts sit on the Executive Advisory Committee to advise and support the delivery of services that are supported by state, federal, and local funding. The Executive Advisory Committee, superintendents from member districts, are as follows:

    • Tim Prom, Annandale District #0876
    • Mark Raymond, Dassel-Cokato District #0466
    • Matt Schoen, Delano District #0879
    • Nate Walbruch, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted District #2687
    • Beckie Simenson, Litchfield District #0465
    • Mike Rowe, Maple Lake District #0881
    • Jeff Ridlehoover, Rockford District #0883