• Things to Turn in and When

     All staff are responsible for insuring that all applicable records and data are submitted to the Cooperative Office in a timely fashion. Missing data can result in delay or loss of payments to the staff member or the Cooperative.

    Prior to Occurrence:

    • Calendar Change Request
    • Personal Leave Request (TimeClock+)
    • Lane Change Credit Approval/Application
    • Payroll Direct Deposit Change

    Immediately Following Occurrence:

    • Employee Illness/Personal Leave/Vacation Report (TimeClock+)
    • Substitute Report Form and Documentation
    • Student Data Update Form (Any MARSS changes)
    • Packing slips from new materials or equipment (Label: Name of Cooperative and year of purchase.)

    16th & End of the Month:

    • Time Sheets (Hourly Employees)

    Last day of Each Month:

    • Attendance Register
    • Monthly Expense Report (mileage)
    • Claim and Verification Form (If necessary)
    • Monthly Calendar/Schedule (Itinerant Staff)
    • Requisitions for General Supply Fund and receipts attached to the balance sheet


    • Lane change documentation by September 10 (Certified Staff only)
    • Copy of your personal car insurance card by September 10 
    • Form W-4 by September 10
    • Flexible Benefits Election Form by September 10 - only if changing banks
    • Direct Deposit by September 10
    • Yearly/monthly/weekly/daily calendar to Central Office and/or your supervisor by September 10


    • Lane change documentation by January 2


    • Deadline for purchasing equipment for the present year: March 20
    • Bulk Orders


    • Final orders for General and Instructional Supplies by April 10


    • ESY/SS requisitions for June sessions by May 15
    • Summer Service (Program and Student) information by May 20

    June 1

    • Requisition forms for the following year
    • Summer address, home email
    • Final general supplies receipts and balance in account returned
    • Attendance Sheets
    • Classroom Instruction Reports (if applicable)