• The 18-21 year old program services students who have completed high school requirements but are in need of extended schooling in two of the transition areas listed below:

    • Independent Living (Recreation and Leisure, Community Participation, Home Living
    • Employment
    • Post Secondary Education and Training

    The program was designed to meet these needs in the least restrictive, age appropriate environment. Services may take place on the job, in the community or on site. Although the syllabus for the course may change to meet the specific need of an individual student, a framework is listed below:

    Course Learning Outcomes:

    • Transition into an employment situation equivalent to their ability and endurance level as determined by their IEP team.
    • Gain independent living skills as per their ability (parents, group home, foster care, 24 hour support, semi-independent, or independent living) and IEP team determination to live in a situation.
    • Gain the skills to participate in the community
    • Gain academic skills to become as independent as possible in their community, living situation, and work site.
    • Gain safety skills in the community, on the job site, and in the home setting: self advocacy, job keeping skills, personal health care, money management, behavioral   management, and home safety.
    • Gain communication skills needed in the community, home, and work environment as per their level.

    Transition Curriculum/Course Outline

    • Socially Responsible Behavior
    • Independent Behavior
    • Communication with others in the community, home and work place
    • Developing and maintaining appropriate work skills and behavior
    • Acquiring self identity
    • Getting around in the community
    • Caring for personal health
    • Money Management
    • Maintain living environment
    • Participate in recreational activities
    • Job performance and Maintaining skill
    • Safety instruction is provided on the job, in the community, and through classroom instruction.